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A psychology workshop on human dynamics to foster personal authenticity, skillful communication, and effective action.

Mitra Path is delighted to be partnering with the Five Wisdom Institute on offering courses on the Five Wisdom Energies

The Five Wisdoms system is an in-depth psychological understanding of human dynamics: personality, emotions, and relationships. It is an approach to fostering personal authenticity, skillful communication, creative thinking, and effective action. In discovering your own mix of colors through the Five Wisdoms approach, you can appreciate the unique gifts of your personality which point you toward your life purpose, and a life of enlivening creativity and collaboration. 

The Five Wisdoms cultivate personal integration through direct experience of the basic elements of our existence: our body, emotions, thoughts, psychology, spirit, and surroundings. Discovering our unique way of perceiving and interacting with the world yields enormous insight into our patterns: what we think, feel, say, and do.

Mitra Path’s founder has joined the Five Wisdom Council, which works toward expanding Five Wisdom Energies to communities around the world. He is also offering 1-2 courses on the application of Five Wisdom approach for business professionals. This includes how the Five Wisdom energies apply to 1) business management and 2) relational dynamics in the workplace. 

Mitra Path is a fiscal sponsorship for Five Wisdom Institute to receive grants and funding. 

We invite you to visit the Five Wisdoms Institute website.

Contact to sign up for a workshop.