Mindfulness in Entrepreneurship

Our Vision

A world where our livelihood is an expression of our true self.


Social entrepreneurship based on mindfulness


Support people with limited resources


Empower entrepreneurs to grow their businesses


Strengthen communities and transform lives

About Mitra Path

Mitra Path’s mission is to support sustainable livelihoods around the world. We believe our livelihoods can serve as a powerful vehicle for personal and professional growth in the following ways:

We earn a sustainable income while discovering our gifts and growing our skills.

We derive fulfillment, connection, and dignity through our work

We improve the communities we work in

Mindfulness and Entrepreneurship are Mitra Path’s pillars in achieving our mission. 

Mindfulness identifies a need in society and our individual role in solving it. This becomes the seed of our livelihood. Entrepreneurship gives us the tools to build this livelihood successfully with others.

Mitra Path promotes mindfulness by offering meditation classes to business leaders and professionals. They apply their learnings to take purposeful action, collaborate, and use their business as a force for good.

Mitra Path also provides grants, trainings, retreats and resources to projects around the world that align with our mission.

Our Work

Mitra Path’s programs put our vision into action.  Mitra Path supports individuals, leaders and community organizers around the world who are applying mindfulness/entrepreneurship to solve problems in their communities.




Our Team

Meet the people behind Mitra Path.

Nem Bajra

Nem Bajra


Nem is CEO of Calsoft Systems, an IT consulting company headquartered in California. Nem received his education in electrical and computer engineering from Japan, Netherlands, and the USA.  His prior work experience includes being an engineer for hydropower development in Nepal, and a software developer and executive manager for computer-based access control systems in the U.S.

As a teacher at Zen Center of Los Angeles and a senior member of Seishinjuku California, Nem offers meditation training including Zen meditation, Five Wisdom Energy and Inamori Management Principles.

Bo Shao

 Bo Shao


Bo is President and Chief Financial Officer of Calsoft Systems. She graduated with honors in Computer Science and Application from Beijing University of Technology and worked as a systems engineer for a computer manufacturing company. Later relocating to Japan, she was a software engineer for managing banking systems and then Director, supervising all technical activities. At Calsoft, Berenice started as a developer, department manager, and then CTO before assuming her current position.

In her personal time, she dedicates her time to community service, actively volunteering at a local church, including teaching Sunday school.

Stories from the Field

One Bright Spark

One Bright Spark

It’s been a year since Mitra Path gave out its initial funding to a few micro-businesses in Kathmandu.

Schools in Dhading

Schools in Dhading

Mitra Path and Shaping Young Minds Foundation traveled by jeep to the remote hills of Dhading district to assess the conditions of the schools.