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Meditation as a pathway for ethical business leadership and building a socially-responsible company.

Meditation & Management (M&M) is a Mitra Path program that teaches Zen Meditation and how to apply it to business management and the workplace.

The M&M group meets bi-weekly for meditation sessions. 

The program includes the following:

1. We learn and practice Zen Meditation using the three-prong approach of Precepts, Samadhi and Wisdom (in Japanese, called “Kai-Jo-E”). Balancing these three helps us to stay present with ‘what is’, to live while being fully awake, and to be harmonious with the communities around us. 

  • Precepts: We study precepts, a set of ethical principles that guide us on how to conduct our daily lives through our thoughts, words and actions.
  • Samadhi: We practice meditation (zazen) to cultivate samadhi, which means stability and insight. This is a grounding practice that allows us to see ourselves and others clearly as they are without distortion.   
  • Wisdom: Practicing the precepts and sitting in meditation brings about a foundation from which wisdom can arise. Wisdom points us toward our life and our vow to serve others.

2.    We explore together how we can run our business as a force for good and create a workplace where employees can flourish and contribute to the community.  

In addition to the bi-weekly mediation sessions, Mitra Path offers one-day meditation retreats (zazenkai) and conducts workshops.

If you’re interested in finding out more information or in joining an M&M session, please contact Nem Bajra at