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One Bright Spark

It’s been a year since Mitra Path gave out its initial funding to a few micro-businesses in Kathmandu. Today we went back to Panga Village to see Nirmala, the Nepali woman who received a high-quality electric grinder and training so that she and a group of five other women could start a spice business to rebuild their lives.

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Schools in Dhading

Our Blog Mitra Path and Shaping Young Minds Foundation traveled by jeep to the remote hills of Dhading district to assess the conditions of the schools. A Partnership Edyta Rusek is a successful and retired entrepreneur who fell in love with the children...

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Mitra Path Beginnings in Kathmandu

Our Blog On a recent trip, my wife Yoko and I met with people in Kathmandu and its surrounding villages, and listened to their stories. With the guidance of a local social worker named Ananta, we visited families living in temporary shelters in Panga...

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