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About Mitra Path

Mitra Path is dedicated to improving communities around the world by helping people start and manage small businesses. We believe that home-based and small businesses can provide not only a decent livelihood for owners and employees, but also help flourish the community.

Mindfulness and Entrepreneurship serve as the foundation for Mitra Path’s work and practice. These enable us to identify and manage businesses that:

Meet one or more needs of our society
  • Allow us to earn our livelihood, and
  • Help us realize our potential and personal goals

With mindfulness, we can identify a particular need of the society that we wish to fulfill and thus find the motive for our business. Entrepreneurship helps us manage that business successfully.

We practice mindfulness based on ‘Not-Knowing.’ According to Bernie Glassman, Not-Knowing is entering a situation without being attached to any opinion, idea or concept. This means total openness to the situation, deep listening to the situation.

We practice entrepreneurship based on the management philosophy of Dr. Kazuo Inamori, which is focused on happiness of employees and contribution to society.

Our Approach

Our Vision

Our vision is a society in which individuals have meaningful livelihoods that enable them to experience their deepest nature.


To study, practice, and encourage social entrepreneurship based on mindfulness.


Provide financial, technical, and managerial support to people with limited resources.


Helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and create jobs.


Our ultimate goal is to build communities and transform lives.

Our Team

Meet the people of Mitra Path.


Nem Bajra


Currently CEO and President of Calsoft Systems, an IT consulting company Torrance, California. Nem received his education in electrical and computer engineering from Japan, Netherlands and USA.  His work experience includes an engineer for hydro-power development in Nepal, software development and management positions for computer based access control systems in the USA. As a senior member of Los Angeles Seiwajyuku, Nem has practiced Inamori Business Management at Calsoft and has received ‘Excellent Management Award’ from Dr. Kazuo Inamori. He is a member of Zen Center of Los Angeles and practices Zen meditation.


Bo Shao


She is Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of Calsoft Systems. Prior to Calsoft Systems, she worked in China and Japan both in software development and management positions. She holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in Computer Science and Application from Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China.


Brandon Napoli


Director of National Micro Lending Initiatives and Business Development East at VEDC - one of the Nation's largest non-profit, small business lenders. Brandon holds a B.A. in International Development and a MBA. In 2014 he was selected for The Aspen Institute’s Elm2 and in 2015, he testified in front of congress on the importance of providing access to capital to small businesses. He is a member of his Trinity Grace Church in Brooklyn and practices Zen meditation.


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