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About Mitra Path

Mitra Path envisions a world where every livelihood is a vehicle for both personal and professional growth.

This means: 

  • We earn a sustainable income while discovering our inherent gifts and grow our skills.
  • We derive personal fulfillment, connection, and dignity through our work.
  • We improve the communities we live in.

Mindfulness and Entrepreneurship serve as Mitra Path’s foundation in achieving this vision.  Mindfulness helps us identify a need in society and our individual role in addressing it. This becomes the seed of our work or business. Entrepreneurship empowers us to build that business successfully with others.

Mitra Path promotes mindfulness by offering meditation classes to business owners and managers. These leaders apply this to take purposeful action, create collaborative relationships, and use their business as a force for good.

Mitra Path also provides grants, training, retreats and resources to projects around the world that align with our mission.

Our Vision

Our true self is expressed through our work for a better world.




Social entrepreneurship based on mindfulness.




Support people with limited resources.




Help entrepreneurs grow their businesses 




Build communities and transform lives.

Our Team

Meet the people behind Mitra Path.

Nem Bajra


Currently CEO and President of Calsoft Systems, an IT consulting company Torrance, California. Nem received his education in electrical and computer engineering from Japan, Netherlands, and the USA.  His work experience includes an engineer for hydropower development in Nepal, software development and management positions for computer-based access control systems in the USA. As a senior member of Los Angeles Seiwajyuku, Nem has practiced Inamori Business Management at Calsoft and has received ‘Excellent Management Award’ from Dr. Kazuo Inamori. He is a member of Zen Center of Los Angeles and practices Zen meditation.

Bo Shao


She is Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of Calsoft Systems. Prior to Calsoft Systems, she worked in China and Japan both in software development and management positions. She holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in Computer Science and Application from Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China.

Our Programs

The Five Wisdoms

We are delighted to be offering courses on the Five Wisdom Energies

The Five Wisdoms system is an in-depth psycho-spiritual understanding of human dynamics: personality, emotions, and relationships. It is an approach to fostering personal authenticity, skillful communication, creative thinking, and effective action. In discovering your mix of colors you come to know and appreciate the unique gifts of your personality which point you toward your life purpose and a life full of creativity and passion.

The Five Wisdoms cultivate personal integration through direct experience of the basic elements of our existence: our body, emotions, thoughts, psychology, the spiritual dimension and surroundings. Discovering our unique way of perceiving and interacting with the world yields enormous insight into our patterns: what we think, feel, say, and do.

We invite you to visit the Five Wisdoms Institute website.


Our Events

Meditation for Career Fulfillment (MCF) – A Biweekly Sitting Group


If you are thinking of a new career, a new business, or wish to manage your work more effectively, meditation can help you.  We invite you to join our sitting group.  We meet Fridays biweekly to meditate and to discuss important topics related to our work.

Where:  Zen Center of Los Angeles, 923 South Normandie Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90006

When:  7:30 – 9:00 PM Biweekly Fridays, starting from May 3, 2019 Program: A short meditation followed by discussions on topics related to work

Fee:  This is a free event. Donations are gratefully accepted.

Led by:  Nem Etsugen Bajra

Contact:  nembajra@yahoo.com

Based on his own experience as an engineer, an entrepreneur and a Zen practitioner, Nem Bajra will show you a path leading to career fulfillment.  Work can be financially rewarding, personally fulfilling and beneficial to our community by integrating meditation with business and personal development skills. Although several resources including technology, meditation and self-development methods are readily available to us, we are often too busy (or our mind is too cluttered) to utilize these resources effectively in our everyday work life.  In the midst of a chaotic and competitive world, meditation has helped Nem and his team build an employee-owned and managed IT consulting company that is profitable and dedicated to the well-being of the community.

Our chosen venue will be the Zen Center of Los Angeles, where thousands of people including scholars, artists, entrepreneurs and professionals have been trained on Zen meditation based on the 2500 years old tradition.

Sessions are open to all levels.  There is no need to attend the sessions in order.  However, newcomers are asked to arrive at 7:00 PM so that they can get an overview of the MCF program and receive instructions on Meditation. Please RSVP by contacting Nem if you plan to do so.

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